Meet Joan Willemain

002  Do You Want Therapy ?

Individuals who seek counseling or therapy , usually do so for a number of reasons. You may be experiencing conflict, distress, panic, depression, flashbacks or other trauma responses, concern about a loved one, or a desire to pursue a dream or a goal that feels like it is beyond your grasp. The experience may feel lifelong, related to a recent event, or a combination of both. You may feel that you have tried all the methods that you know, and used all the supports that you have, without adequate results.  It is time for something new.

Counseling or mental health therapy is a great way to assess and address your emotional and biological needs, in the context of a supportive, non-judgmental relationship. It can be a deeply rewarding and transformative experience.  My approach to therapy is always individually tailored to you and your unique needs.

Do you Want Creativity Coaching?

Do you lie awake at night ,with thoughts racing about what you hope to accomplish, but don’t know where to start? Do you have a million projects going, that you can’t seem to organize? Are you afraid to share your ideas, for fear of failure? Do you dream of expanding what you do, but feel overwhelmed?

Creativity Coaching is a way to enhance your progress toward goals and make desired life changes.  I incorporate coaching in my counseling work, and also use it as a non-mental health approach, with individuals seeking to enhance creativity, and to create more space in their life for creative work.

As a creative, I understand these challenges and joys firsthand. My experience includes working as a professional Visual Artist for ten years, rehabbing four homes on a budget, doing a good deal of the work myself; currently doing garden design, painting and photography, crafts, teaching children art, cooking all of my food from scratch, and writing poetry and short stories. I currently have four books in the work. I see my life as a work of art, and also approach my work as an art.

Joan Willemain’s Qualifications as a Therapist and Supervisor

  • WA State Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker LW00006182
  • WA State Approved Supervisor
  • Child Mental Health Specialist
  • Experienced with Multiple Evidenced Treatment Approaches and Psychodynamic Approaches
  • Certified Life Coach
  • WA State Approved Supervisor since 2005
  • Over Thirty years experience in Clinical Social Work, Counseling, and Mental Health
  • Over Twenty Years Of Clinical Supervision 
  • Training and Experience in Art Therapy
  • Over Ten years Experience in Educational settings
  • Experienced in Women’s Health Issues including Perinatal Health and Infant Mental Health

My Approach to Therapy and Coaching

I am a Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over thirty years’ experience in the field. My background includes many years of practice in non-profit agencies, as well as maintaining a private  practice in psychotherapy and clinical supervision of professionals.

Over the years, my education, training, and work with clients has included Psycho-dynamic and Family Systems approaches, Attachment and Developmental Theory, as well as Cognitive Behavioral theory, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness and Somatic approaches . While I believe in having an updated “tool chest” for doing therapy, the most important aspect is the relationship we develop together.

Many of my clients reached out in times of transition or increased stress, because they decided to seize this opportunity to decondition long held beliefs that no longer serve them. Many of the clients I work with have made major strides in recovering from complex trauma.  Others have successfully navigated the turbulent seas of parenting or divorcing during the pandemic; or redefining their relationship with immature parents; or finding skills to manage anxiety or ADHD. 

Although I know longer see children as clients, I still support parents in tapping their inner wisdom as they guide their families, and I support child clinicians throughout their careers.

I enjoy working with creative people, and understand the special challenges that come with a creative lifestyle, or the desire to create one. I work with creativity as part of therapy, or through creativity coaching.”The creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life enhancing. “(American Art Therapy Association)

I  encourage self-acceptance, while supporting positive change, and help you define the steps you need to take along the way. I support clients in learning about and regulating their emotions, developing a wellness practice, identifying maladaptive coping strategies, and exploring their relationships and decisions. My approach with all clients is respectful, practical, and mindful of the difficulty you are experiencing.  Through compassionate listening, exploring areas of strength and resistance, teaching skills, and celebrating success, we take a journey together down a path of greater satisfaction and deeper relationships.

Are You Looking for Clinical Supervision?

I have been an Approved Supervisor in the state of WA since 2005. I provide group supervision  for Masters level Social Workers and other clinicians working toward licensure. I find this work exciting and rewarding, and I invite you to join me in a great partnership as I challenge and support you toward this goal.